Serving the Independent Music Teaching Community.

For the past 6 years Namta has been at the forefont of promoting independent music teachers and making it easy for them to connect with new students. Namta maintains an ever growing database of music teachers across the nation - NYC, San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle and many others. Namta teachers cover a wide variety of instruments such as accordion, banjo, bass guitar, bassoon, cello, clarinet, drums, guitar, piano, violin and many more, as well as many genres of music.

Namta Profile.

Namta provides teachers with free Profile webpages which appear in search results on our site. The information contained in the Profiles provide an extensive view of each teacher's skills, education, teaching approach, student reviews and more. The concise information in the Profiles make it easy for students to find suitable teachers based upon the student's requirements.

The Future.

Namta has thousands of music teachers in its database, and continues to grow as more teachers join. Each day Namta receives thousands of music teacher searches for all variety of instruments, and the number of searches continues to grow.

Namta continues on its path to becoming the source for music teachers nationwide.